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  • Control your communication, manage your data, and have your own collaboration platform to improve team productivity. Lead with the open-source power. Rocket Chat allows fast and smooth team chat, file sharing, collaboration and video/audio conferencing with your own server and highly feature rich desktop, web and mobile clients.

    What we offer?

    • RocketChat setup: from source or using Docker
    • MongoDB tuning for chat responsiveness and fast startup
    • Basic setup of options and chat rooms
    • Reverse proxy setup using Apache, nginx or Caddy
    • Livechat setup for your website
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  • Host your own ZNC bouncer, Quassel cloud chats, Weechat, and Irssi using our hosting service. Our experts will take care of these with great care and make your ZNC/Quassel/Weechat/Irssi up and running faster and secure. Please check the description for information and what we offer.

    IRC is a standard Internet protocol that allows people to run their own text-based chat servers with its own selection of channels organized by topic (for example, a channel called #music for talking about music). With no centralized authority over who can host a server, people are free to switch servers at will or even start their own. – HowToGeek

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