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  • No matter what your web projects are, no matter how complex it is, let us manage them for you. With priority support and superior technical expertise, we will setup and get your website, ecommerce, or any kind of web project up and running, fully managed by us. Check the description for full details of what we offer.

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  • Word press is like swiss-army-knife, but for websites. The greatest strength of Word press is, you can make a super light-weight blog, to ultra fast Ecommerce like what we use in Market by Technofaq. With thousands of free plugins, you can add any functionality to your website. Dress up and customize with a vast collection of themes and page builder elements. Wordpress is the only thing you need to make a versatile, effortlessly manageable, fully customizable and extendable website.

    What we offer?

    • WordPress setup for Apache, nginx and Caddy web servers.
    • Multiple PHP versions. Choice of MySQL implementation: Oracle, MariaDB or Percona.
    • Webserver, MySQL and PHP tuning for better performance and security.
    • Optimization for SEO and page load performance.
    • Page caching using the web server, memcache, or Redis.
    • Custom functions.php tweaks and functions.
    • Plugin review.
    • Docker-based setup also possible.
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