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Dedicated/Team/Business VPN


Secure VPN for your team or business with dedicated servers and support. High speed, low latency servers with powerful security not found anywhere else. With dedicated VPN for your team or business, you will get the best performance and accessibility where shared VPN providers will fail. We are a team of experienced engineers, server administrators and support agents having the technical expertise of working for several well-known VPN companies. Check the description for details of what we offer in this package.


What this product offers:

Secure and open-source VPN solution for communication, gaming, file sharing, etc.

OpenVPN, WireGuard, OpenConnect, Shadowsocks based VPN options to choose from. We can help you bypass most firewalls at optimal speeds.

Bypass country, ISP or organization firewall (if you are on highly restricted countries or institutes).

Multiple locations to choose from – Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, United States.

Free Dedicated IPv4. IPv6 netblocks available in most European locations.

Up to 1000 Mbit/s of speed/bandwidth (shared among users).

Free 24*7 support. Free installation via Remote Assistance using TeamViewer, VNC and Anydesk at no added cost.

Our VPN works in censorship conditions where other providers will fall flat. We will engineer solutions catered to your setup and needs. No other VPN providers can do it.

A quick cost comparison:

Let’s compare the cost with other available choices on the market.

Perimeter 81: Basic plan with majority of the features unavailable – $8/month per user and a whooping $40 per month for each gateway. This is very costly for your business. Contrary to that, we charge based on plans rather than the number of each users and gateways.

NordVPN: Team plan basic – For a shared VPN (which defeats the purpose of business VPN), you will be spending $7 per user per months, or $84 annually if you opt for yearly subscription. If you have, let’s say 5 users, that cost goes up to $420 (I know, that’s a funny number). Contrary to that, you can have up to 12 users in less then quarter of their price.

Get all the benefits of existing providers, but dedicated for your business and control. Have your own VPN with this package in the most affordable price yet unbeatable quality and dedicated support. If you buy this package NOW, you will get a free cat mug (well this might not be true, but sign up already!).


6 months, 12 months


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