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RocketChat installation and optimization

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Control your communication, manage your data, and have your own collaboration platform to improve team productivity. Lead with the open-source power. Rocket Chat allows fast and smooth team chat, file sharing, collaboration and video/audio conferencing with your own server and highly feature rich desktop, web and mobile clients.

What we offer?

  • RocketChat setup: from source or using Docker
  • MongoDB tuning for chat responsiveness and fast startup
  • Basic setup of options and chat rooms
  • Reverse proxy setup using Apache, nginx or Caddy
  • Livechat setup for your website

1 review for RocketChat installation and optimization

  1. AntonioLed

    Location and Data Storage All server software including email service back-end, web administration panel for users, webmail and databases containing customer emails and subscription information which are stored in encrypted format are located in leased physical servers in data centres by Scaleway, France.

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