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ZNC/Quassel/Weechat/Irssi hosting

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Host your own ZNC bouncer, Quassel cloud chats, Weechat, and Irssi using our hosting service. Our experts will take care of these with great care and make your ZNC/Quassel/Weechat/Irssi up and running faster and secure. Please check the description for information and what we offer.

IRC is a standard Internet protocol that allows people to run their own text-based chat servers with its own selection of channels organized by topic (for example, a channel called #music for talking about music). With no centralized authority over who can host a server, people are free to switch servers at will or even start their own. – HowToGeek


What do we offer?

  • Custom IRC bouncer hosting.
  • Keep presence on IRC and record all incoming messages even when you are away.
  • Choice of 4 options: ZNC, Quassel, Weechat, and Irssi.
  • Option to set up automation and bots for ZNC.
  • Network stack tuning for low IRC latency.
  • 1x IPv4 + 1x IPv6.

Its a win for you!

Majority of the software engineers and developers still prefers IRC because of privacy, control and ch0ice. IRC provides easy chat experience without any vendor lock-in. It is a free world without the boundary of currently popular messaging services like WhatsApp which requires you to use their service exclusively. With IRC, you can connect from any client, connect to any server and talk to anybody without any restriction.

There is also a huge opportunity for marketers to be able to connect with millions of engineers, developers, enthusiasts and people without being bounded by rules and restriction. Talk with people, get ques and generate market presence for your developer focused business with IRC. With our service.

The purpose of our service is to provide you your own IRC server, bouncer and core. These helps you to overcome limitations of IRC and enables you to stay connected forever, save chats on your own secure server so you do not loose chat history when switching devices, make you immune from network disconnect and security issues. Buy this package in unbelievable discount for a limited time! SIGN UP NOW!



ZNC, Quassel, Weechat, Irssi


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