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Techno FAQ Omnichannel

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Omnichannel communication from a single dashboard
Per month (per 100 users)


Take your customer service to the next level with our omnichannel communication platform! Ditch the juggling act – Chatwoot, available in our shop, unifies all your support channels into a single, powerful dashboard. Respond to live chat messages, emails, WhatsApp queries, Facebook comments, and more – all conveniently organized in one place. This comprehensive solution streamlines communication, improves agent efficiency, and ensures a consistent experience for your customers across all channels.

But that’s not all! Chatwoot also includes a dedicated mobile app, empowering your agents to handle inquiries and provide exceptional support on the go. Boost your customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and streamline your support operations – add Chatwoot and its mobile app to your shop today!


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